The Descendants of Ancaria?

Once upon a time there was a game called Sacred ( and it was one of the best games ever for those that played it, especially if you went into the Hardcore servers. From that game a gaming clan emerged called The Descendants of Ancaria (cheesy but it wasnt my choice) and it brought hundreds of players together in a gaming community.


As a group we would spend hours upon hours playing the game, chatting and generally having a good laugh together but that wasnt enough and we needed a home online as well. That's when the first website was created and it was terrible! But it did the job we needed and gave us all a place to chat about our favourite game of the moment. In the early days of the forum I got asked to help out as a Administrator along with the guild founder, an Aussie who went by the name of Tanknat. Eventually he got bored of playing and I inherited the clan. I'm pretty good at talking with people but have the artistic talents of a blind goldfish and so managed to rope a few people in to helping me set up a new look for our home and for a while we really flourished.


Sacred 2 was released in 2008 ( and we carried on playing together but started to see people move away from us but a big group of us still continued to play until, finally, we all pretty much gave up on it and moved on.


Those were the glory days of the website, we had several hundred members all playing, chatting and using the forums to keep in tough with each other. We were one of the biggest gaming clans playing the franchise and well known on the official forums too.

But from that point on things went downhill. We never really found another game to keep us all together. We tried. We looked, we hoped that something would come along all the while trying to keep interest up in the website but it was doomed. Over the years more and more moved away and dropped out of contact until, eventually, the site pretty much died a slow death and fell into unuse. 


Arguments, fallings out and frustrations as people moved on sealed the fate of our community and eventually I gave up on the site. The only reason it still exists is because of email! For years we've been using the domain name as our private email addresses and I was too lazy to do anything about those so kept paying the hosting bills each month and very rarely checked in on the site itself.


Finally it was time for it to go. The old site meant nothing to people anymore but it felt a waste to have a domain and not do something with it so in September 2020 I binned the old site (yup, deleted the lot) and turned the site into a personal space for us.


To those that may have found your way here and remember the original site I wish you well and feel free to drop a line if you'd like to chat about the old days.

I made a lot of friends from that place and still in contact with a few some 16 years after first playing with them, if you're reading this and were a member then I hope you have good memories too. 


The good news if you are interested in the Sacred games is that there is still an active community you can talk with and they even have community patches for the games. Go check out




The last admin of Clan-DA